[Tweet|Trans|Photo] JungShin thanks fans for more food support


It is also JungShin today~ Kya, it’s been a long time since we did radio, yesterday and today, so it’s nice~ Also, we have more upcoming radio schedules so please tune in to support~ Today, during the filming of MDSY, fans also sent snacks like these!! It was not only mine, they have even prepared a lot (of food) including other staff’s and actors’ share, really thank you~^^ There is not much (episodes) left to MDSY ㅠㅠ about a month left.. Please also stay tuned (to the drama) for the rest of the period! keke Be careful of the icy roads! Be careful of the cold! Good night!

오늘도 정신입니다~캬 오랫만에 어제, 오늘 라디오하니까 좋네요~ 또 라디오 스케줄이 더 있으니까 많이 들어주세요~ 오늘두 내 딸 서영이 녹화 때 팬 분께서 이렇게 간식을 보내주셨어요!! 저 말고도 다른 스텝분들,배우분들 것까지 정말 많이 챙겨주셨어요 감사합니다~^^ 내 딸 서영이 얼마 안 남았습니다ㅠㅠ 약 1달 남았어요..남은 기간도 본방사수 부탁드려요!ㅋㅋ 빙판길 조심! 감기 조심! 굿나잇! http://twitpic.com/c1lrfj

source: CNBLUE_4

translated by: chiffonlau@CNBShin


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