[Video|Trans] My Daughter Seo Young Episode 41 – Jung Shin Cuts

SY: Brother-in-law

SJ: Sister-in-law

SY: You’ve already started filming? Kang SungJae is great, so this is considered debuting? When will it be aired on TV?

SJ: I’ve told you about my recent happenings, now it’s your turn to update me on yours

SJ: Where were you staying all this while?

SY: You must be disappointed with me

SJ: Of course. How could you make such a decision without contacting me

SY: Kang SungJae, I’m no longer your sister-in-law.

SJ: Sister-in-law…

SY: What you knew was the truth. The me whom you believed was not the real me, and I’m the one who lied to your brother and your family.

SY: So don’t call me sister-in-law, call me teacher instead. That’s not right, I’m not even worthy to be your teacher

SJ: How can a family member become a teacher?

SY: I’m one who even abandoned her family. Now, you should be worried about your mom, and not me. She got betrayed twice by people close to her, she would be in much agony that I am. But, how did the matter regarding secretary Yoon get resolved?

SJ: Didn’t you say we aren’t family now, so why are you so concerned about other people’s lives

SY: That’s right, that’s true

SJ: Can you live without my brother? You love him don’t you?

SY: Love, is when you have expectations from each other. Your brother and I have accepted our everything.

SY: Sorry. Take care, and let’s not contact each other anymore.

SJ: Sister-in-law, you’re so not honest.

SY: I’ll cheer for you when you appear on TV

WJ: Waiting for me?

Dad: Sit

WJ: We went to the courthouse

Mom: Where is SeoYoung staying, has she gone back home?

WJ: I’m not sure either. I’ll go upstairs

Dad: Thank goodness they have got no kids

SY OS: You should be worried for your mother instead of me, she should be going through a very hard time


Secretary Yoon: SungJae ah~

Secretary Yoon: Didn’t you say you have something to say

SJ: Auntie, I can’t call you “Mom, Mother”

Secretary Yoon: Yeah, I know. That’s for sure, how can you say such things immediately

SJ: I don’t even think you’re my mom. It’s hurtful to think from your perspective, but it is such from mine. Though you thought of me as your son, being by my side from the moment you gave birth to me, that I’m your son. But I only thought of you as Auntie Yoon. My mom is mom.

SJ: You said you lived for me all this while

Secretary Yoon: Yeah

SJ: That you wanted me to be happy

Secretary Yoon: Yeah, yeah. That’s why I did those.

SJ: If it’s really for my own good, if you really loved me, I hope you can leave.

SJ: Mom said to see you. But when I think from Mom’s perspective, it’s something very hard for her. Also, it’s hard for me to see her suffer, because she’s my mom.

Secretary Yoon: SungJae ah~

SJ: Auntie is so lonely. Such a fool you are, auntie. How can you live like this? You should be living your own live, how can you live by peeking at your kid? But still, thank you for giving birth to me.

SJ: One day, when I become an adult, I will go look for you.

source: akfnzh syj@youtube
translated by: chiffonlau@CNBshin
posted by: nunaynunay@CNBShin


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