[Video|Trans] CNBLUE had their first LINE chat with fans

Note: These are only snippets and rough translations of the LINE chat session.
Please wait for subbed videos by 4CNBLUE subs^^

Part 1

They explained what LINE was and what you could do with it.
They have messages fans sent printed and they were reading out some of them. 

YH: These emoticons can be used anytime. Good morning? What are u doing? Have u eaten? Good night! etc etc

JH: You two look alike. *JS shakes Brown (the bear plushie) violently*
More translation to follow:)

Part 2

The question from fans was about the inspiration source of the boys when they wrote songs for this album

JH hasn’t been chatting much, then he announced his mobile phone has some problems. JS told him the messages will come slowly.

JH: I can’t see a thing. *staff takes phone away to fix* Then, *JH crosses arms*

MH: Ohhhh the emoticons are very well used! (when a fan used James with thumbs up while they spoke about RE:BLUE being best album)

YH: …..these are the Stickers, the LINE stickers.

JS: For the song coffee shop, me and Yonghwa hyung frequent the coffee shop(s) in HongDae and thought to write a song themed about it.

MH: It was during HEY YOU times, during our promotion.. Then, the title song we hoped for wasn’t I’m Sorry but Coffee Shop.

MH: When we heard Coffee Shop then, the feeling was unforgettable.

JH: I wrote 나 그대보다 during my drama filming times – I was feeling tired then and needed some kind of healing (?? – not too sure if this was what he said/meant)

JH (with an all serious face): Jungshin’s other name is 감정신. 감정, 신. (Emotional shin).

JH: We started preparing for RE:BLUE right after our promo for Hey You ended, we prepared for about 7 to 8 months..

YH: These emoticons can be used anytime. Good morning? What are you doing? Have you eaten? Good night! etc etc…

Part 3

Translation to follow:)

Videos from akfnzh syj@Youtube

Translations by chiffonlau@CNBShin

Posted by sajatokki@CNBShin


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