[Video|Trans] My Daughter SeoYoung Episode 34 – JungShin cuts

Police/Guard: What are you doing here? It’ll be terrible if something happened with you parking here.

SungJae: I was just dozing for a while


Cashier: That will be 1200 won


Mom: Come out, hurry *sings* Hurry out~

SungJae: What is it exactly?

Mom: Tada!

SungJae: Mom!

Mom: Your 20-years-old birthday present

SungJae: Mom! Mom~~ Mom thank you thank you!

Dad: Drive properly. I bought you this thanks to your mom’s hunger strike

SungJae: Chey, anyway it’s mom who bought me this. Mom thank you!

Mom: Let’s get on the car and go for a drive

SungJae: Shall we?

Mom: Why are you sleeping here?

Mom: Your father’s Kang KiBeom, why are you sleeping here instead of his house?

Mom: Why are you kneeling?

SungJae: Because I’m sorry

Mom: Why are you sorry? Were you wrong to be born and sent to our house?

SungJae: Even so, mom felt a strong sense of betrayal because of me. Sorry.

Mom: You didn’t get to bathe? What is this…

SungJae: Mom…

Mom: You’re so filthy you smell. Why did my son end up like this?  Kang KiBeom and Yoon SoonMi who deserves to die, made our son homeless

SungJae: Mom…

source: akfnzh syj@youtube

translated and shared by: chiffonlau@CNBShin


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