[Video|Trans] CNBLUE comes back on Music Bank

CNBLUE: Hello, we’re CNBLUE.


Yoona: JungShin ssi, I’m going to ask you a question!

JS: Yes

Yoona: To be honest, did you wanted to have another composer’s song instead? 1,2,3!

JS: No. To be honest, it is an honour that YongHwa hyung’s self-composed song received so much love like this (assumptions – he spoke too fast!!)

SeoHyun: Also, all 4 members were doing very well as actors. MinHyuk ssi who has experienced the highest ratings, how would you rank yourself amongst the members?

MH: I would think the second. Think I have been overtaken by JungShin who is recently gaining lots of attention.


Yoona: What do you think will be the most cruel sentence/word from your lover?

JH: Let’s stop contacting


YH: I feel really happy and honoured to be promoting with my self-composed song.


I’m Sorry + 나 그대보다



Source: akfnzh syj@youtube
Translated & shared by: chiffonlau@cnbshin


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