[Videos] ‘Emotional’ teaser videos released for CNBLUE’s comeback

Earlier at 12 midnight KST (7th January 2013), four video teasers for CNBLUE’s upcoming comeback on the 14th of January were released. Check the videos out!










Titled “Emotional Teaser” (as the video), this led some to think if “Emotional” is the album title, or that the subsequent teasers are themed after the other codes “B”, “L” and “U” (Blue, Lovely and Untouchable). We can only guess and wait for the next few teasers to be released.

The sexy lips at the start of the videos seem to be mouthing “I’m Sorry” – what do you think?

Also, the boys seem to be having different reactions in this set of teasers. How do you find them?
(I personally find this set of teasers amazing! :D)

7 days till their comeback!

Source: CNBLUE homepage, CNBLUE YouTube
Shared by: chiffonlau@cnbshin


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