[Project] Support JungShin at BLUE NIGHT – 1st rice wreath project by CNBShin

Yes, another rice wreath project – but the first by CNBShin! And we are inviting you to be part of it (:

What is a rice wreath?

Literally – rice + wreath.  Purchasing one is a contribution of rice packs (of a certain weight)  to “help(sic) out rice framers and people in need with their donations”. Hence sending a rice wreath instead of the usual flowery ones has been the trend lately, bringing this act in fandom to a “mature” level.

BOICEs and fans sent rice wreaths to the press conference of JungShin’s drama “My Daughter SeoYoung”, of which JungShin then posed with and tweeted the pictures. Below is one of the few he shared – he was holding a rice cake which was part of the food support by leejungshin.com, and he was standing by their rice wreaths.

What is CNBShin going to do?

We are looking to donate 20KG rice wreaths from Nanum! CNBShin will be absorbing most of the costs, but we will need some of your support – so please do help us out (:

How can I contribute towards this project?

We are not asking for major amount of contributions – every cent and thought counts! We are thankful for contributions of ANY amount!

We accept contributions by:

  • PayPal
  • GCash (Philippines)
  • iBanking/ATM transfer/cash deposits (Singapore)
  • Transfers to @CNUsagi (Japan) who will then Paypal us *update* 

Note: We do not encourage international bank transfers as the charges involved could be quite hefty. PayPal’s charges only about 4% of the amount of money to be transferred. 

To start, simply email us at cnbshin@gmail.com or leave a comment below so that we can drop you an email! The contribution details will follow in our email conversations.

When is the dateline?

BLUE NIGHT in Seoul is on 15th and 16th of December, and we would require time for arrangements to be made. Hence at this point of time, donations at the soonest possible will be very much appreciated.

Questions – who do I ask?

Simple – tweet us at @CNBShin or leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively you can drop us an email at cnbshin@gmail.com for more privacy (:

Can I leave a message if I contribute? *update*

As a rice wreath only has 2 hanging ribbons for messages, we are not able to accommodate messages from donors. Donors will be acknowledged in our next post on this project, where we reveal pictures of the rice wreath at the venue of BLUE NIGHT (:
We may be able to accommodate messages in the post, so please wait for us to get in touch!

JungShin has felt the love and presence of international BOICEs through CNBShin for the past 2 years, and for many more to come.

Let us reach out to him again, this time with the donation of a rice wreath!



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