[Drama|Video] My Daughter SeoYoung Epi 3 (raw + subs highlight)

The tuition teacher had SungJae as “꼴통” in her phone, which means “simple fellow” etc..  LOL

SeoYoung: Hello?

SungJae: *Points phone to the speaker and plays a dialogue in the police station*

SungJae: Teacher, I’m now in the police station

SeoYoung: Police station?

SungJae: Yes, my friends fought and got caught. So it seems like I won’t be able to reach home till 7pm. No! My father mustn’t know about this! No, teacher you don’t have to come, my friend’s father is coming. Can we postpone the tuition instead? 

SungJae: *shouts* Yes I’m coming Mr. Police

SungJae:  I will say that you are ill and is unable to come. Ok?

SeoYoung: Okay, I got it. 


SungJae: Mom~  Seems like I wouldn’t be seeing teacher, she’s sick too. 

Mom: Sick, what happened to her? 

SungJae: She’s at the hospital.

Mom: Should take more care during summer. It’s good that you both got sick together.

SungJae: I’ll go to sleep, very sleepy after taking the medicine

Mom: Is it alright that you are not going to the hospital? 

SungJae: I would be knocked out unconscious, don’t wake me up


SeoYoung: Where are you going at this time? We should have tuition

SungJae: Didn’t we say that we won’t be having it today? 

SeoYoung: Why aren’t we having tuition? Didn’t you promised that you wouldn’t skip tuition again? But you are going back on your word?

SungJae: When  did I do that? The things at the police station got settled earlier than expected. Didn’t I say you didn’t need to come?

SeoYoung: Because you weren’t at the police station

SungJae: I was really at the police station then

SeoYoung: We will know when did you get home exactly, after we go in

SungJae: Teacher you can’t go in

SeoYoung: Didn’t I receive two times tuition fee to give you tuition

SungJae: So stingy, do you like money that much?

SeoYoung: I would like it more than you?

SungJae: Ok fine, do what you want. Please let me off this time, i really have an important appointment. 

SeoYoung: Is that the competition?

SungJae: How did you know? 

SeoYoung: Isn’t it at 6pm? It’s late, run along. 

SungJae: Woah, are you a ghost? Have you told anyone? If my dad knows I’ll be dead. Please let me off this time, I promise not to skip tuition anymore. Please! I’ll promise with my life

SeoYoung: Let’s make a deal. Promises by you have no meaning at all. 

SungJae: A deal? 

SeoYoung: Go in, I will go in 5 minutes later.

SungJae: You have to do it well ok?

*SeoYoung tells the mother that she is taking SungJae out for a learning trip*

SeoYoung stood up for SungJae when he was ostracised by the organiser at the fashion design competition, and told him after that she can see the potential in him. 

But hyung, despite me disliking smart girls, it’s my first time seeing a woman who can speak so well and is so cool.
— SungJae telling his hyung about SeoYoung


4CNBLUE subs are subbing JungShin cuts, so please watch their space (:


Videos by akfnzhyjs1@youtube
Shared and translated by chiffonlau@cnbshin


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