[Project] Happy Virus – gifts from CNBSHIN

Hello Boice! It’s D-day, 09.15.2012!

It’s CNBSHIN‘s second year to do a birthday project for Lee Jung Shin! We asked you to save the date, and here it is; we’re proud to present to you – HAPPY VIRUS!

What is Happy Virus? It’s a term figuratively used to mean someone or something that spreads happiness, like a disease. Simply put, it’s LEE JUNG SHIN, the source of happiness and laughter for CNBLUE and Boices. We used Happy Virus as the title of this project to make it known to Jungshin that he spreads joy to other people, and we appreciate it!

This year, CNBSHIN came in prepared for this project. We learned from experience that such birthday projects are far from easy, and it’s even tougher with just a tiny team of two people. To make things in 2012 better, we started our financial preparations early and started the project planning in May. We also welcomed a new member to the family! See? We were that excited and prepared!

What is a birthday without gifts? The birthday boy Jungshin must have gifts! We divided our gifts into two parts. We wanted JungShin to have his presents in advance, hence we shipped the first package to USA in anticipation of CNBLUE’s schedule in LA last month. But we’ve all heard the cancelled schedule. 😦 Anyway, both packages are probably already sitting in FNC’s office (or even JungShin’s room/lap?) as you read 😀

PART II of gifts consisted of:


We like giving snacks to CNBLUE so that they have some tasty treats to munch on when they’re rushing for their next schedule. Or when they are feeling snackish in the middle of the night (we know how JungShin clean out their cupboards of SPAM lol). These are really yummy! We also bought some medicament for their body pains after long performances.


AH, the highlight in Part II! Here’s a compilation of all your messages to Jungshin. It’s a 6″ by 8″ hardbound photobook, with matte front cover.  VIEW THE BOOK HERE (password: happyJS2012). The text isn’t exactly readable in the preview, so we uploaded some of the pages here.

Now for PART I, it consisted of:


We know how much JungShin loves photography! He even shared several of his photos taken with his iPhone when in LA on twitter! When admin G saw this iPhone4 case, she immediately thought of Jungshin and bought it! It’s SO JungShin right? ^^


Now THIS is the highlight of Part I! Jungshin already has a Moody strap in black and you’ve probably noticed that he loves using it! It has been with him through thick and thin, accompanying him throughout most, if not all, of CNBLUE’s performances. It’s been with him for a loooong time. Now he has a spanking brand new red Moody! This picture does not do justice to the strap at all – it looks stunningly amazing! JungShin will love it (:

Last but not least, one of the most important present for JungShin – A SONG FOR YOU, HAPPY VIRUS

HAPPY VIRUS – 1 minute teaser

HAPPY VIRUS – full song

This song was written by none other than our very own admins, nunaynunay (lyrics) and chiffonlau (song and all others). Last year, we at CNBShin also wrote a song for JungShin, titled “To Be With You“, after the same title by his favourite band, Mr Big.
We wanted to express, in the song, what a Happy Virus JungShin is, and how much happiness he brings us. We hope you enjoyed and liked the song! (:

We have come to the end of the gifts, which were prepared with great effort and love. We hope you like our gifts as much as we do! We would like to thank our donors, Celine, Ginger, Dada and Gen for their generosity in contributing to the project! Also a special mention to Ayie who helped us with the full video of the song.

Most importantly, a big thank you to everyone who supported this project in one way or another! Lastly, don’t forget to greet Jungshin a happy birthday!

정신아 생일 축하해요! ^^/

yours sincerely,
admin B, G & GN @CNBShin

post written by: B@CNBSHIN


14 thoughts on “[Project] Happy Virus – gifts from CNBSHIN

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  2. nothing I can say than COOL!
    Only 2 of you who taking care the whole things?? Waa it must be tough, but love can breaking through everything!
    Ah.. I wanna be part of you, kk
    well, keep it up guys, boice need more feed 😉

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