[Project] Happy Virus – a birthday project by CNBSHIN

Hello Boices! Today we’re celebrating D-day – Lee Jungshin’s birthday! Rightfully so, this post is dedicated to him – the coolest bassist in our dreams, with the most beautiful hair we’ve ever seen… on a man ^^

As you remember (or we hope you knew!), we at CNBShin opened up a poll a few months ago, asking you to vote: Which hairstyle do you like best on Jungshin? We rounded up five of his most memorable and significant hairstyles – Untouchable, Pretty Bob, Jungshimba/Lion King, Pulled Back, and Long Waves. You voted and finally, here is the results!

5th place


When CNBLUE’s 2nd Mini Album entitled Blue Love was released, everybody noticed Lee Jung Shin’s Pretty Bob. Kang Min Hyuk even called this, “Half Moon Hair”. With his smooth and straight hair and side-swept fringe, he revealed his personality not only as young, fun and cute but also hip, sophisticated and stylish. This is also the same time when he started his modelling career.

It was a close fight between Pretty Bob and the hairstyle in 4th place! In the end Pretty Bob came in last, with only 13% of the votes. I guess we want Jungshin to be a little more… manly? ^^;

4th place


CNBLUE’S Lee Jung Shin was introduced to us with the image “Untouchable” and when we saw his photos, we could only agree. He looked manly and proud. His shoulder-length hair pulled back and tied messily exudes a certain apathetic charm that screams “Untouchable.” Despite being a rookie, people could easily recognize him because of his hair. It was indeed his signature hairstyle.

Untouchable won over Pretty Bob with 18% of the votes! Nice change for Jungshin then, seeing how people like his more recent hairstyles than the original!

3rd place


The Pulled Back hairstyle shows off Lee Jung Shin’s strong and distinct features. Whether in ponytail or in a bun, with bangs or none, in dreadlocks or hat – this hairstyle emphasizes his handsome face, including his distinct jaw line, chin, nose and lips. Despite his exuding confidence on stage, Lee Jung Shin remains the modest, cheerful and fun-loving bassist everybody loves.

We have an almost-tie! The Pulled Back style also gathered 18%  but based on the raw scores, it managed to get just a little more votes than Untouchable!

2nd place


CNBLUE’s first full album First Step unleashed a ruggedly handsome Lee Jung Shin that captivated the hearts of many. His long brushed back hairstyle during the promotion of their title song Intuition shows us his rough and tough, bold and brave side. Nicknamed “Jungshimba” aka Lion King due to it’s resemblance to a lion’s mane, this hairstyle also showcased his wild and manly side of this pretty boy.

Lion King is Top 2 with 20% of the votes! People still remember this style quite well… and they like it! Jungshin-ah, your hair change was great for CNBLUE’s first full album!

WINNER – 1st place!


Lee Jung Shin’s Long Waves makes him stand out among the others aside from his height. Along with his sleek style and swagger, he became the Epitome of Cool and Charm in this hairstyle that matches his gorgeous features. He has also kept his hair soft and bouncy which makes it perfect for “headbanging” during their performances.

THE MOST LOVED HAIRSTYLE with 31%! Long Waves from Earfun Days! That goes to show how people simply love Jungshin’s hair as it is – that mane of glory effortlessly flowing handsomely down his shoulders…


No birthday is complete without gifts, so CNBSHIN also prepared some for Jungshin. We planned way ahead this year, so we’re delighted and very proud of this project! You can view the gifts and the story of this project on CNBShin’s new and first blog.

HAPPY VIRUS – 1 minute teaser

For the full song of Happy Virus, please visit this post here. 

Gifts aside, we conclude this little tribute post. We hope you enjoyed, both the poll and the results! Last but not least…



정신아 생일 축하해요! ^^/

yours sincerely,
admin B, G & GN @CNBShin

post written by: B@CNBSHIN


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