Thank you for celebrating our 4th birthday with us. Now that Lee Jung Shin has a lot of activities, we will try our best to update our followers and continue to support our favorite awesome bassist/ actor/ model/ MC/ photographer. Here are the winners of today’s event: Ceci Magazine: @zhab6002622 Ceci Magazine: @PikaJjoong Pulp Magazine: […]

[Tweet|Photo|Trans] Jungshin thanks everyone for the birthday greetings!

  생일!! 축하해주신 모두 너무 감사드립니다 심바랑 같이 인사드려요~ 부모님이랑 점심도 먹고~~^^ 호호호 좋네요 좋은하루되세요!! Birthday!! We (together with Simba) are thankful for all the greetings~ Eating lunch with my parents~~^^ hohoho have a nice day! source: @MentalShin trans/posted by: celine@CNBShin